Commercial Lawn Mowers

Finding the Right Commercial Lawn Mower to Fit Your Needs

Commercial  lawn mowers are not a one size fits all type of purchase. However, there is enough diversity and offerings among the various types of mowers to fit any need from the weekend warrior to the large scale property management business owner. Assuming you are in need of a mower for your landscaping or property management business or just have a rather large amount of property to maintain.

No one knows your business better than you. Whether that’s the equipment you need to get the job done or the amount you have in your budget to spend on equipment. Business owners need to save money wherever possible yet acquire the equipment they need to get the job done. Taking all things into consideration I have compiled several mowers ranging from walk behind to zero turn mowers that may  be suitable for your commercial lawn mower needs. [Read more…]

March 7, 2014

Stanley 48ZS Zero Turn Mower

Stanley 48ZS 48-inch 20 HP Heavy-Duty Kawasaki V-Twin FR600V Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower with Rollbar

stanley 48zsFor a professional finish looking lawn, the Stanley 48ZS and its 48-inch quick-adjust floating deck gets the job done in less time with less hassle. The Stanley 48ZS is powered by a 20 Horse Power Kawasaki V-Twin engine that can reach speeds of up to 8mph.

Stanley 48ZS Features

Beyond being a quality machine at a bargain price, the Stanley 48ZS is loaded with features focusing on comfort and operator safety.

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The Stanley 48ZS comes standard with a rollbar, seat belts, and halogen headlights. Combined, these safety features allow for a fast and efficient lawn mowing experience while keeping the operator safe in the event of accidental roll over or other unforeseen events.

The oversized 20 inch rear tires and 8 inch front tires ensure an effective turning radius cutting back on missed areas and allowing the operator to easily maneuver around obstacles such as trees. The advantage of true zero turn technology allows for tighter turns and a more professional looking cut. [Read more…]

May 8, 2013