Walk Behind Mower Reviews

Walk behind mowers are often confused with push mowers and I'll admit I tend to use the terms interchangeably myself. Though, when most people talk about walk behind mowers they are usually referring to something like a commercial walk behind mower.

The real difference between a push and walk behind is that one is self propelled (walk behind) while the other isn't (push mower). Keeping that in mind, what are the benefits of having a self propelled mower?

Benefits of a Self Propelled Mower

If you are mowing hilly terrain, a lot of lawn, or need to get a job done fast, a self propelled mower will save you time and energy. A self propelled mower makes it easier to mow and particularly easier if you have to mow up an incline for example.

This is one reason why many landscaping businesses choose to go with a walk behind mower. They generally have variable speed settings as well as cutting deck height adjustments. This allows for more control over the type and depth of cut.

Another major benefit is of course it's physically easier to operate a self propelled mower. You are merely guiding the mower but are not investing energy in pushing the mower. While many of us weekend warriors don't mind the physical aspect of mowing, for those who have a large property or operate a mower professionally greatly benefit from this aspect.

How Much do Walk Behind Mowers Cost?

The price on a walk behind mower will vary depending on engine size, cutting width, as well as if it's a residential or commercial mower. As I stated before, many people lump walk behind and push mowers in the same category. Therefore, it's not unreasonable to pick up a walk behind from anywhere in the range of one to several hundred dollars. You can expect to pay several thousand for a good commercial mower though.

How Long will a Walk Behind Mower Last?

Depending on how much use and how well you take care of your mower, you can expect them to last anywhere from 5-15 years or more. I've known people who have had riding lawn mowers going on 20 years and still working. Of course expect to have to replace some parts now and then after 5 years or so.

Are there any Particular Models you Recommend?

As everyones needs, and budgets are different, I try to provide thorough reviews keeping that in mind. Feel free to browse through the various categories and if you can't find the right mower feel free to contact me and I'll do what I can to help you find the right mower.

Snapper SP80 Review

Snapper SP80 725ex Series 190cc Front Wheel Drive Variable Speed Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, 21-Inch

snapper sp80 lawn mowerThe Snapper SP80 comes with a 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine, features variable speed, and is self propelling. The SP80 has plenty of power to tackle just about any lawn, and the large 11 inch rear and 8 inch front tires make it easy to maneuver.

If you’re looking for a self propelled push mower that is well designed, has plenty of power, and multiple features, the Snapper SP80 is a great choice. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features that make this mower so desirable.

snapper sp80 for sale [Read more…]

April 3, 2014

GreenWorks G-MAX 20 Inch Cordless Mower

GreenWorks G-MAX Cordless Mower: Environmentally Sound and Energy Efficient

greenworks g-max cordless mowerThere’s no question GreenWorks makes some great eco friendly products. Many of which, run on the same battery making the battery interchangeable, which is an extremely convenient feature. There are a total of 13 yard tools that can function off of the 40v G-max system which powers the GreenWorks G-Max mower.

The G-Max mower offers approximately 70 minutes of run time on a full charge. It comes with a high capacity 4ah battery and a low capacity 2ah battery. Additionally, you can upgrade and purchase a second 4ah battery which will increase run time to about 120 minutes. [Read more…]

March 12, 2014

Commercial Lawn Mowers

Finding the Right Commercial Lawn Mower to Fit Your Needs

Commercial  lawn mowers are not a one size fits all type of purchase. However, there is enough diversity and offerings among the various types of mowers to fit any need from the weekend warrior to the large scale property management business owner. Assuming you are in need of a mower for your landscaping or property management business or just have a rather large amount of property to maintain.

No one knows your business better than you. Whether that’s the equipment you need to get the job done or the amount you have in your budget to spend on equipment. Business owners need to save money wherever possible yet acquire the equipment they need to get the job done. Taking all things into consideration I have compiled several mowers ranging from walk behind to zero turn mowers that may  be suitable for your commercial lawn mower needs. [Read more…]

March 7, 2014

Greenworks 25022 Electric Lawn Mower

Greenworks 25022 12 Amp 20-in 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower Review

greenworks 25022 electric lawn mowerThe Greenworks 25022 electric lawn mower continues to be a best seller in the walk behind and electric lawn mower categories. The optional settings and adjustable cutting height make it versatile enough to tackle just about any small to mid-size lawn. It’s extremely quiet and easy to use making it a great choice for seniors.

See Current Price on Amazon:

greenworks 25022 lawnmower for sale

If you’re not a fan of electric lawn mowers, then you probably didn’t do enough summer yard jobs for $5 a pop. I can remember toting my gas guzzling mower through the neighborhood and literally getting dizzy after a few minutes of mowing…gas fumes. The most common complaint for electric mowers is of course cord management. [Read more…]

June 7, 2013