Best Zero Turn Mower for the Money

Best Zero Turn Mower for the Money and Quality

best zero turn lawn mower for the moneyBuying a zero turn mower doesn’t have to break the bank. I’ve scoured the Internet looking for the best deals on zero turn mowers. As price is subjective, I’ve broken it down into two categories: the best commercial zero turn mowers and the best residential zero turn mowers for the money.

Aside from price, I also wanted to take functionality and quality into consideration. The saying, ‘you get what you pay for’ is more often than not true. While you may be able to find a cheap mower, the quality may also be cheap.

With that in mind the best zero turn mower for the money should also be a mower that will last, be comfortable to operate, and be efficient.

My Top Pick for Best Zero Turn Mower for the Money: Residential

Zero turn mowers are generally thought of as strictly for commercial use. While I wouldn’t recommend a zero turn mower to anyone with less than a .25 acre of land to maintain, they can be an excellent choice for those who have large properties.

Ariens Zoom 915189

best zero turn mower for the moneyMy first pick for the best residential zero turn mower based on price is the Ariens Zoom (model # 915189). It has 16 HP and a 34 in cutting deck making it small enough to fit around tight spaces (and easy to store) yet powerful enough to maintain medium to large properties.

It has a Briggs & Stratton engine (which is industry standard for quality) with an overhead valve, which allows it to run cooler and more efficient. It has a hydrostatic transmission featuring Hydro-Gear EZT transaxles.

The deck is adjustable giving you more control over cutting length (1.5 to 4.5 inches). Simply use the mechanical foot lift to easily raise or lower the deck to get the cut you want.

The front tires are 11X4 inches and the back tires are 18X6.5 inches. The max speed is 6mph with reverse speeds of 3mph. This mower can handle flat as well as hilly terrain.

The Ariens Zoom has a 2-gallon capacity fuel tank which is decent size for residential use. With a 2-cylinder motor, you’ll get your money’s worth and them some when it comes to fuel. You can purchase the Ariens Zoom  through the following link!

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February 19, 2016

Husqvarna RZ4621 Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna RZ4621 46-inch 21 HP Briggs & Stratton Gas Powered Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower

husqvarna rz4621The Husqvarna RZ4621 over-delivers in quality and durability. The Husqvarna RZ4621 features true zero turn capabilities, powered by a 21 HP Briggs & Stratton engine giving it plenty of HP to qualify as an industrial yet built with home-owners in mind.

If you are looking for a quality zero turn mower that was built to last, I highly recommend you take a closer look at the Husqvarna RZ4621.

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May 3, 2013